November 22nd, 2010


L.A. weekend

Got back from Nick & KT's housewarming in LA

Nick has a knack for finding no-rent situations... I don't think that boy has paid rent in 6-7 years!

His latest caretaking gig is for this house up in the hills of Echo Park (a half-block from KT's house no less). It was designed by this famous architect, Rudolf Schindler. Thus it is filled with angles and weird panes of glass and other things too complexly motivated for non-architects to comprehend.

The housewarming party was a lot of fun. We'd left Izzy w/ her bappamma (grandma on father's side, i.e. my mom) in SF, so were free to carouse irresponsibly. I wandered around most of the night, mingling. I should put "mingling" down on my facebook interests. Some folks I talked to:

* guy who designed a zoo in Abu Dhabi
* girl with a bird in her hair (she said it goes with her red lipstick)
* girl in a band who's played on all the major late night talk shows

maybe that one doesn't count cos I'd met her (Anna) before, at burning man in 2008. quite a memorable night. i think we leapfrogged each other. she's in a band that's moderately successful... they've been on all the big talk shows, at least that's what I heard. I asked her to confirm and she demurred, "not ferguson." I scoffed. "All the big ones though? Leno, Letterman, Conan...?" She said yes. "Also Kimmel... and we've been on Carson Daly like 22 times." We both started laughing at that. Poor Carson Daly! He's the very definition of a laughingstock.

Anna and this other guy played a brief viola/piano concert. Nick had rigged it so that 8 hour Bergen to Oslo video (HD highlights) played on the wall all night. It went well with the music. I don't think the party lasted 8 hours but we did get most of the way to Oslo.

KT & Margie made pretzels. Nothing better than a room filled with the smell of freshly baked pretzels. They smell better than they taste even. We served them w/ IKEA meatballs, procured in an earlier IKEA run that left me & Liska predictably agitated. I like the idea of IKEA but the crowds are too much to bear. I spent most of the time there curled up on one of the couches reading my facebook book and eating swedish fish. (what flavor are swedish fish? the flavor is ineffable)

* french girl with her two mute french friends, who had just been to see an art show where this guy was supposed to take a bath, but hadn't. "eez an interesting story and i don't mind telling you"
* guy who'd just come back from thailand. he ate street food the whole time & i was jealous
* anna's brother, who's also a musician (I think he plays in an orchestra?) and is working with terry riley (famous minimalist composer) at the moment. he's a svelte young lad. i gave his GF a thumbs up
* happy boy pat, who's been slaving away for months on men in black 3. (3?!)
* y mas

Gotta go do some work, this is a short week cos of Thanksgiving. Flying to Austin for that. The dumbest thing about those new millimeter wave scanners-- they STILL make you take off your shoes! Are shoes somehow immune to millimeter waves? I never ask because my goal is to get through there with a minimum of hassle. It's really stupid though.