November 12th, 2010


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Last night we went to see a movie (Social Network) in an actual movie theater, for the first time in... years? (not since Avatar) Really enjoyed it! Even if 50% of it was fiction, it rang true enough. Bottom line, if he really let his friend get diluted like that (and I assume it's a matter of record) then that's all I need to know about Zuckerburg.

But at the same time I saw an interview where Zuckerburg said that Sorkin couldn't grasp the concept of someone building something as huge as Facebook just to build it. Just for the joy of engineering something on that massive a scale, with that huge an impact. Not everything fits into a neat arc of 'rejected by girls, I'll show them!' or 'frat didn't want me!' or 'one billion dollars!!' Ok the last is probably relevant.

The lawyers I know complained that the deposition parts were fakity-fake. The startup people I know complained the startupy parts were fake. But come on, does anybody want to watch a movie consisting of 2 hours of realistic programming & deposition taking?