September 27th, 2010


Chin high, puffed chest, we step right to it

The choice is there ain't no choice but to pursue it

I feel like I got about 10 albums, enough to do a Top 10 of the Year. How can it only be September. Did time stretch out or is it just expanding and contracting, like I'm an ant walking on an accordion ? That's the truth innit.

Well how d'ymean

Well you know... we're all ants aren't we, in a way... stomachs... legs... social hierarchies... farms...

Top 10 right now would include

1. Dizzee Rascal - Tongue n Cheek .....fave song: too hard to choose, all good
2. Roots Manuva vs Wrongtom - Duppy Writer ....fave song: "Chin Up"
3. Das Racist - Sit Down, Man ...fave song: "hahaha jk"
4. Die Antwoord - $0$ ....fave song: "Very Fancy"
5. De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig - De Machine .....fave song: "Hollerer"

and so forth and so on. who cares

a sphere can turn itself inside out

If two pages A and B are lying flat on top of each other, A directly over B, and you then pick up A, crumple it and put it back down on B, there will always be a pair of adjacent points in A/B that remain adjacent even after A gets crumpled over B. (fixed point theorem)