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silverback gorilla's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
silverback gorilla

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Russian River wknd [16 Aug 2010|05:48pm]
Russian River - Monte Rio house right on our beach spot

-swimming in the green river
-Nathan/Arnab 'sharing a mini-muffin'
-anju, izzy, coyote
-izzy loved the stairs
-beach reading: mathematics queen of science, street boners, clay problems, p/np proof
-scrabble aborted
-scary ghost stories aborted
-fixed tire (ran over a nail)
-put air in tires
-ate good food
-drank many good beers

-gazpacho (looked good at least, cold tomato soup yeech, good eggs/bread etc)
-wonton soup w/ two types of potstickers (delicious though not enough broth)
-challah french toast w/ bacon
-spicy cabbage burgers w/ oven fries

-that white-paper-wrapped fancy belgian - really good
-la fin du monde - a bit too citrusy
-pliny the elder
-rasputin imperial stout (?)
-that stout made from civet (shit/coffee beans)
-trappist rochefort 8
-sumpin sumpin ale
-lost abbey whatever that one ale was
-drakkat (?)
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