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silverback gorilla

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beer, pt. 2 [09 Aug 2010|05:36pm]

saturday night, originally uploaded by jcruelty.

props to nick for assistance with tasting

Eye of the Hawk - B (american strong ale, drinkable yet unremarkable)

Ruination IPA - A (american double, hops up the azz)

1554 Enlightened Black Ale - B+ (dark belgian, chocolatey)

Saison du BUFF - A (farmhouse ale, lovely nose, smells a bit like grass)

Midas Touch - A (muscat elixir, concocted via molecular archaeology)

Pranqster - B+ (belgian strong pale ale... whatever that means. is it just me or do some of these beer-styles sound like they're being emitted by a random phrase generator?)

Amar's guide to making up types of beer

Instructions: pick one from column A, and one from column B. *

AmericanPale Ale
FarmhouseStrong Ale

*Or two from column A and one from column B. Or three from A and none from B. Whatever, it's not like we're doing molecular phylogenetics here.
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