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Pliny the Elder [02 Aug 2010|06:51pm]
Currently savoring a bottle of Pliny the Elder... highest ranked American Double IPA on beeradvocate.com. User reviews for this beer are hilarious... here are some choice quotes

If you can imagine what a million dollars looks like in a glass, that is what this beer looks like, beautiful golden honey color with just the right amount of head.

If they ever found a way to construct a perfume based upon the nose, I would demand my wife wear it every day.

Taste - You want it to go on forever - like good sex.

Smell - Hits you in the face and makes you say, "thank you."

(Are they describing a beer, or an abusive relationship?!)

UPDATE 8:15PM moved on to a palo santo... so inky black, so beautiful & delicious

me: my new hobby is beer
liska: so your new hobby is getting drunk?!
me (evenly): yes
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