July 22nd, 2010


Fuckin' creases, how do they work?

What is a crease?

A permanent fold

Is a wrinkle a crease?


How does paper folding work at a molecular level? When you run your fingernail down the length of a fold, to make it stay, what's happening exactly?


[UPDATE: I googled around to no avail. Did realize that "crease" is not the right word-- a crease is a mark left by a fold. What I'm asking about is the fold itself]

[ALSO: What do you even google to figure this out? Good luck searching on 'paper folding.' It's as bad as looking for a SHIRT shirt.

Is there a word for 'foldability,' meaning how easily something folds / stays folded? I'm thinking something like motility, viscosity, ductility... is it ductility?]