July 16th, 2010


extra action marching band @ the eagle

went to see the extra action marching band last night. the first and only other time i'd heard them was at burning man 2002, first year i went. it was right after the burn. me and elio were wandering agog at the chaos, when suddenly i heard a tuba. "holy shit is that a marching band?!" it was. i still smile at the memory.

last night's show took place at the eagle tavern, which is easily the gayest bar i've ever been to. it was hilarious. random details:

1) huge metallic engine-penis behind the bar
2) hardcore porn on the ceiling (haha how often do you look up and go "oh look it's a guy sucking cock")
3) boxer shorts hanging from the rafters
4) outrageous mustaches galore. SO many mustaches
5) when the concert started there were transvestites dancing on the bar (huge blond wigs)
6) there was also a gimp (naked save for short-shorts, complete face mask)
7) bathroom has mirrors above urinals so you can check out other guys' equipment (i didn't take a leak so this one's 2nd hand but dav/sean saw it)
8) bartender is shirtless with nipple piercings
9) countless "bears" (oh i forgot to mention, it's a bear bar)
10) red lights

the show itself was fun. i value live music a lot more these days for a variety of reasons. among other things, it sounds much better than on my crappy speakers at home. especially with a funky marching band. at times i closed my eyes and just savored the live sound of horns. they also had a ton of dancers in skimpy outfits moving through the crowd, stirring shit up. all the jostling/rambunction was threatening to spill my whiskey, so i drained my glass in a hurry. right in the nick of time, cos seconds later one of the dancers careened into me!

later on the place got super packed. feeling claustrophobic, i moved back to get some air. who was there but tamale lady! i ended up wolfing down a chicken tamale while watching the show on one of the bar's numerous closed circuit black and white tvs. that was a nice touch, you don't see it in many bars of this size.

i looked on youtube for videos from last night's show. this is the only one i could find. crap quality but it does convey the general atmosphere.


1) lizzie's cousin is one of the bikini dancers for extra action marching band. i would not have predicted that. apparently her cousin's one of the founding members. (but wait she wasn't playing an instrument she was dancing. maybe she founded it as a dancer? or maybe she used to play then switched to a bikini dancer role? i'll have to follow up on that)

2) prior to the concert mike scanlon had just completed a 4-mile race out at lake merced featuring 100 other runners (entry fee $1). he was very casual about it! if i paid a fee to enter a race with 100 other people you can be damn sure you'd hear about it for the next several weeks. according to mike, there's a whole scene of people racing for fun in SF (and probably everywhere) -- almost every weekend one happens. they shut down streets, the whole shebang. i love how the city contains 1000 worlds you might never come across

3) dav y. loaned a LARGE amount of money to this tools cooperative, and as an early adopter he gets a lifetime membership for him and his fam (so tesla too).

me: you loaned HOW much?!
him: but they pay it back over 5 years
me: but what if they fold?!
him: but they won't

the cooperative is basically like a gym except with power tools. he's pretty excited about it, in part because they're gonna stay up to date w/ state of the art stuff like CNC lathes. you can go there and use whatever you want to build all kinds of stuff. dav sees this upcoming trend in society where a lot of info workers feel the urge to work with their hands and return to the days of crafting physical things. i buy it, i mean i've had that urge for a while now. it's cool that his daughter will get the membership down the road. but still... lotta faith. he says the previous things he was early adopter of were tivo and netflix. those both did well, so maybe he's right about the tools coop thing too.

4) lizzie is doing an internet fast for a week. same idea as me giving up my iphone. she said it's going ok, she's focused on reading deeper and can still get mike to look up directions if need be. i have aliza as my backup plan as well. i can call her and be like 'quick, i need you to look this up on wikipedia'