July 7th, 2010



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Germany vs Spain was so boring today. Crazy boring. I had a moment of doubt about soccer in general. What if it's actually quite a stupid game? Why can't anybody use their hands? It seems like shooting a basketball or catching a baseball takes more coordination than kicking a soccer ball, at casual levels anyway. I can kick a ball if it's on the ground, but if you throw a ball at me I scream in terror and run the other way.

Go Netherlands anyway. Hopefully in Spain vs Netherlands something will actually happen. If it's gauche & American to moan about boring soccer than wrap me in a flag and call me Apple Pie

Russian River was a blast. It was interesting sussing out Izzy's state of mind. I think she enjoyed it. She was super chill the whole time just taking in all the people (not to mention the river). I guess you can be happy without grinning like a maniac

I'm reading this book by the guy from KLF who burnt a million pounds (quid? guineas? wotever). He also left a dead sheep at the foot of the door at some British music awards show. That's not such a big deal but burning money? It's the last great taboo. If you want to be shocking that's a good way to do it

He was in Echo & the Bunnymen. Who cares.

I like writing 'Who cares.' as a statement not a question. Dave Barry roach any subject/question, only to immediately dismiss it with 'Who cares.' I don't know why, it just always makes me laugh in my head. I have a lot of mental jokes like that. "You have to be yr own best audience" that's what I'll tell Izzy when she's old enough to feign interest