June 24th, 2010


Longest Tennis Match Ever Still Not Over

Longest Tennis Match Ever Still Not Over

Not an Onion headline. Watching this grim spectacle on espn3 as we speak.

To me, just having to WATCH a tennis match for 10 hours straight (let alone PLAY one) seems like a fate worse than death.

I'd have guessed this would have ended by now, by one or both of them throwing down their rackets in disgust and limping off the court muttering "fucks sake it's just a game."

I wish David Foster Wallace were still around. Would've loved to see his take on this. He was obsessed with tennis, and his writing on the topic was so good that it made tennis seem fascinating even to those with no interest in sports whatsoever. Check out his excellent Roger Federer profile from NY Times Mag to see what I mean. R.I.P. mayne.

update June 24 8:45 AM: it appears to have ended

"Hit yourself on the head with a hammer and it feels so good when you stop"