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silverback gorilla's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
silverback gorilla

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Slovenian player names are hilarious [18 Jun 2010|10:30am]

  • 6 Branko ILIC

    sounds like the 'scandanavian coal miner' on the cheat's fake id

  • 13 Bojan JOKIC

    you must be joking

  • 10 Valter BIRSA

    you mean WALTER? vhy not learn how to spell

  • 18 Aleksandar RADOSAVLJEVIC


  • 7 Nejc PECNIK

    hahaha can't think of any commentary, the name just cracks me up

  • 9 Zlatan LJUBIJANKIC
  • 14 Zlatko DEDIC

    the other day i had to email this guy zoltan that i work with. i didn't know his address offhand so i just sent it to zoltan@google, cos how many can there be right? turns out there's SIX zoltans working at google! god knows how many zlatkos and zlatans there might be.
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2-2 [18 Jun 2010|09:12pm]

Watching highlights from the game. Amazing goals from Donovan and Bradley! I'm a lot more pissed off about the call at the end now that I've seen the replay so many times. What foul was that guy seeing?! The US should have 3 points right now.

Have to keep perspective though... if the US hadn't played like shit in the first half, the bad call wouldn't have been an issue.

The ESPN 'speed match' thing is efficient, but it feels a bit too much like watching porn.
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