June 10th, 2010


what's up with my sudden burst of logorrhoea?

feel like half the people on facebook must be hiding me due to my constant stream of updates to goodreads, yelp, flickr, buzz, youtube, etc. etc.

been trying to teach myself the butterfly stroke. it's hard! i can't get the hang of coordinating kick part and the arm part. I also wonder if it's a matter of upper body strength. Do you have to be really strong to do the breast stroke? It definitely takes more energy than freestyle or crawl.

I have trouble remember which stroke is which. Backstroke is obvious, but what's the difference between freestyle and crawl? Are those the same thing?

izzy's being a baby, not much to report of interest. she's standing, super fast crawling, vocalizing a lot more, starting to sit still for longer when reading, still trying to eat everything.

amar: i've got world cup fever
aliza: no you don't, you're not that into it
amar: yeah i guess i'm overstating it, what's less than fever?
aliza: ...
amar: i've got a world cup headache

whenever i write '...' i hear it as stinkoman going "DOT DOT DOT!" it gets used a lot in Japanese RPG dialog. what is that supposed to convey? stunned silence, thought, a pregnant pause?

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