April 9th, 2010


NYC / Paternity Leave / Matthew visits

Flew to NYC for Pesach, stayed for a week. Caught Fela! on Broadway, checked out Highline Park but it was freezing cold and I think it's meant to be experienced in the sun. You couldn't walk on the reclaimed plants. Caught up with Lina/Rich, crashed at Anthony/Daniella's place in the East Village. Why is it that a random pizza slice from any NYC street corner outranks almost every pizza place in SF?

Came back Thursday. Matthew was already in town & staying at our place for a philosophy conference.

Rest of the week was a lot of art, socializing and food.

Friday, Liska made channa. After eating dinner, Mike Scott came over and we cabbed it to Rye Bar. Lots of cute girls there. Met up with Matt, Angi/Nathan, Kristen, Dennis Lee. (Kristen and Dennis were coincidentally visiting.) Lizzie/Mike came too. Had 4 fancy whiskey drinks, one of which required setting an orange on fire!

Saturday, hungover. Matthew had some philosophy thing to go to. Me & Liska went hiking with Arnab and Alicia and Anju. We went to Point Bonita lighthouse in the Marin headlands. It was really cool though not the most strenuous hike. Tied an incorrect bowline. In the evening Liska made salad and cashew chicken, and we watched Metropolitan. Loved it. Kunal came in half way to try the scotch Matthew brought us as a gift. I'd been hyping it up to one and all. Kunal ate the remaining salad/chicken and proclaimed it excellent.

Sunday morning (Easter Sunday), Matthew and I went for a run around the neighborhood. It was starting to sprinkle. We ran to the Richard Serra sculptures, up to the projects playground with a view, and back home. When we got back, Sven and Nicole came over and the five of us had brunch at Slow Club. It was raining like hell, but Matt Liska and I took Izzy to check out BYOBW 2010. It was really fun and worth getting soaked. Ran into Dav/Liz/Mike. Liska had to go to get a facial w/ her sis. It was pouring, so Matt and I stayed in & watched Barcelona. It wasn't nearly as good as Metropolitan.

Monday, Matt and I went for another run. This time I took us along the canals. When we got back, we took Izzy to SF Moma. Not much of note there. Discussed Richter, Jeff Wall. Still don't like Matthew Barney. Tried to see Fraidy at Jewish Museum but she weren't there. In the evening, Kristen, Angi and Nathan came over and made dinner (risotto, salad, ice cream with fruit). We watched a good movie studying plazas in New York in the late 70s -- who sits where and why. Urban design principles that the architect narrating the movie mapped to zoning regulations they motivated. Kristen's studying architecture & reading interesting books.

Tuesday Matt and I went to East Bay to check out Sven's studio and look at paintings (I want to buy one.) Then we went to Vintage Berkeley, caught up with Peter and bought some wine. Came back to SF and stopped at Papalote for a burrito. (We were starving.) Then went to GG Park to check out the De Young. The tower was closed, and we didn't want to pay for the museum, so we just checked out the building itself, lobby with huge Gerard Richter painting, and sculpture garden. Couldn't find anything in the gift shop for Izzy. Matthew likes Richter cos your eyes can't focus in, he plays with that TODO whut In the evening we got a drink at the Parkside.

Weds went for another run, this time drove to Panhandle, ran through to GG Park, ran past De Young through redwood trails and gardens back to Panhandle. Got chicken tinga tacos at the local taco truck, sitting in the sunlight feeling fine. Then drove him to the airport and end of a fun trip.