April 8th, 2010


Today + thoughts

Went to shoe store in Ingleside, zipper repair guy was a Christian from Honduras. He started talking the gospel to me and I was afraid he was gonna ask if I accept Christ into my life. I asked him if he'd still repair the zipper even if I didn't believe all that! He seemed alright, $50 for the 3 bags. TODO check out his Yelp reviews again, see if any mentioned his religious fervor

A lot has been going on (to me at least) and life has been good. I haven't felt as compelled to write about it though. Been reading The Things They Carried, a book of short stories about Vietnam. They're labeled as fiction, but he uses his own name and it reads like a memoir. The short stories are written really well, but I was thinking about how the subject matter-- war-- is also inherently interesting. It seems like you should only write if you feel compelled to do so. The guy who wrote this book surely was. I used to be -- I've been blogging for ten years -- but the fervor is definitely subsiding now that I have a kid. I'd say I don't have the time, but that wouldn't be the whole story. You make time for what's important.

Spent a lot of time at Dog Eared Books, love looking for books.
At least Izzy's gonna grow up near a library

"Dear Izzy" - the concept so jejune (?) instead I should write "To Whom It May Concern"
List top books/music, she'd be into that

If I know airborne is a placebo does the placebo effect have any chance of working?
Dear Pot Hill Paper,

Thanks for publishing
I support Vermont St. big wheel race - heard they were really good about leaving no trace
Being a landowner is counter-revolutionary
I think about property values and such