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silverback gorilla

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Current mental debate [10 Feb 2010|07:33pm]
I sometimes have trouble getting on my shoes. Moms sent me a shoehorn but it's never right near me when I'm putting on my shoes and I'm too lazy to get it. I guess I could buy a bunch of shoehorns and put them everywhere. Or carry one on me at all times.

This train of thought led to the following declaration:

RESOLVED: A man shouldn't need a horn to put on a shoe.

Is this true? Part of me says yes but then I think of all these people at the airport wearing sweatpants and uggs and I think, nuts to that. There's more to life than comfort! What about style? Must one suffer for style?

Also, what does it mean if you can get a shoe on without a shoehorn? That it fits? Or that it doesn't fit?
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