December 30th, 2009


10.21.02 - 11:36 a.m

friday went to sasha's art show at college of crafts and fine arts. it was Challenging, which in this case meant discolored sheets and stained walls, plus cones made of pig intestines. two funky japanese guys were dancing with very serious expressions. one wore a shirt that said "DON'T FORGET TO TOOTHBRUSH" and the other wore a shirt that said "HA HA I'M CHUCK WOOLEY". we drank wine till the wine was gone then headed off with julie for country shack sushi, smoking cigarettes in the backroom with a skeleton lamp for company. ended up at baobab with shawn, jtsui, angi and her ex-linebacker/EE buddies. (why am i telling you all this? does anybody care? i do, i suppose, as i am busy constructing reality.) i accidentally left a lovely pair of pajama pants at the bar, but maybe angi saved the day? looking forward to a fabulous sleep sensation.