November 19th, 2009


treadmill cool down

? who doesn't have a sex tape these days
srsly I wonder what % of americans have done this... bet u it's surprisingly high

ADD + intellectual curiosity + Internet = <------0------> (that's a big fat Zero)

izzy's rekindled my interest in the brain... been reading some books, relearning neuro/cognitive basics. but to what end? often I wish I had fewer deeper interests. or else I should've been a journalist, back when that was a real job

what's the diff between a journalist and a large pizza? stop me oh oh stop me stop me if u think that you've heard this one before

the incline on this treadmill only goes up to 15%. there are sts in sf that reach 35%! you'd fuckin flip over

sf bike planner list might finally be bearing fruit - mtg w like minded souls over thanksgiving . goog now on the scene, we'll see how it pans

they simulated viz cortex of a cat, not really though

is there room for amateurs? polymaths? we are mostly specialized ants . not a slur, ants are amazing.

my brain = mine + yrs * google / distraction

when do you know if shoes are worn out

will izzy ever read this? hi boo

whilst reading giant robot, unexpectedly came across a long letter written by me. didn't expect them to publish it! Aliza wanted to brag to someone but it's a special olympics achievement innit. damn me not w faint praise

do u ever think @ yr 'life's work' ? I was trying to list mine;

go to hell Cornell
sims 2
San Francisco bike route planner
YouTube mobile
this blog (sadly, given that maybe 6 people read it)

it's not much but in some ways satisfying. YouTube is very much transformative, sims 2 made a lot of folks happy.

you need to be an expert in something. like 10 years of doing it at least. it's the only way to experience 'flow'. got to be that zen master for some flavor of sword

if I could cure my addictions who would I be

who am I kidding I'd be me but better

wu tang flowing thru seemingly empty head
weightless brain
drenched in sweat
easy, ladies

going to the dump this sat, 10am sharp. it mystifies me that nobody else is excited @ a sculpture garden in the middle of a junkyard. also that most of my youtubers aren't more excited @ $$$censored pending launch, rhymes with each to ext automatic aptioning

so much sweat the touchscreens failing
u think that's gross? pah remind me to send u placenta pic
Audi 5K


a large pizza can feed a family of four

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