October 14th, 2009


Q4 Status Report

Is it Q4? Who cares.

Amma & Anna came to visit

Izzy loves them to death

They babysat so me & Liska could go out for a night of stand up comedy -- Hari Kondalabu, for the 2nd time! What can I say, I'm a fan. Enjoyed his rant about white chocolate lovers... aka RACIALISTS. "Who is this product for? 'Like the taste of chocolate, but can't stand looking at it?'"

Hari recently starred in his first Major Motion Picture: All About Steve. Hahaha, he read some newspaper reviews verbatim and that alone was comedy gold. One reviewer compared the film to leprosy, another called it a "monstrosity," and another deemed it to be the worst movie of Sandra Bullock's career. Repeated for emphasis: the worst movie of Sandra Bullock's career. "Comparing Sandra Bullock movies is like comparing the Holocaust to Slavery."

On Sunday Amma broke out the dosa pan. Also Anna made ma po tofu, my fave.

Headed to Buddhist Retreat this weekend for Angi & Nathan's wedding
-killing of insects is forbidden

Wknd after that we leave for Barcelona.
-all I got in mind is look at buildings
-and lisping

Wknd after we're back, leave for NYC (Fraidy's wedding)

Really obsessed with Demon's Souls at the moment. If I were a younger man with young man levels of leisure time, I'd buy a PS3 just to play this game.

But I amn't so I shamn't

Other fish to fry