October 9th, 2009


Soundmurderer, Orbital

Fell asleep listening to Wired for Sound, listened to it on the drive in as well. It's weird, I find this hyperkinetic ridiculous faux-throwback junglist clatter to be quite soothing. I don't think I'm the first to suggest that hardcore maximalist drum n bass (or death metal, even) can function as ambient music. Something about the particular wall of sound repetitive nature of it... that said, I can't stand death metal, so y.m.m.v.

If you wanna give it a spin, there are some good Soundmurderer mixes you can download for free... try Breezeblock or Bristol. They're both really good. I like how he takes ragga-jungle vocals and weds them to insane No-U-Turn beats. It sounds old-school, though it's not. On the contrary, if you dropped a Soundmurderer record back in the early days of drum-n-bass, listeners would assume it was a practical joke. "Oi! This knob goes to 11!"

Ooh speaking of Breezeblock, just the other day I learned what Breezeblock meant, and now I forgot it. Damn! It's some Brit thing. I mean, it's a BBC Radio show featuring loads of good DJs, but it's also an actual word apart from that.

Remember Orbital? The electronic dance duo, bald chaps who wore silly flashlight-visors? I always liked their music but thought their name was boring. I thought it meant "orbital" in the space/sci-fi sense. Typical techno boffins; obsessed with spaceships and the like.

But, it turns out their name actually refers to the London Orbital beltway. Basically a big highway that rings the city. Back in the days of acid house, people would get together and throw massive raves way out at the outskirts of town, and the only way to get there was via orbital.

Isn't that so much better?

It's quite romantic actually.