September 25th, 2009


Uh oh I forgot to pack 'energy goo'

Biking to work tomorrow. First time I've done so since starting at YT. It's not that long a ride-- about 13 miles. Seems pretty doable.

There's a "Leave No-One Behind" group meeting up at Ritual Roasters, but they're meeting at 7:30! AM! In the morning! I think I may have to fly solo on this one. So, collecting some maps, and carb-loading. No choice but to eat mac n' cheese and drink wine.

We're going to Barcelona next month. Angi and Nathan will be there too! (It's their honeymoon.) And, my brother's coming! It all came together quite randomly. I think it will be a great vacation, though the thought of taking an 8 hr flight with Izzie (who's never flown before) fills me with trepidation.

I guess I should go to bed, I need to be outta here by ... ? 8:30? They say it takes an hour to do the ride but maybe they meant the hill way. I'm doing Bayshore aka Flatshore.

Bikely kinda sucks, it could be much better. Course the same could be said of SF Bike Route Planner. Haters can go suck on an egg. Or miracle fruit... my brother gave me some.. just waiting for when I need a lemon to taste like lemonade