September 17th, 2009


Throughput in freefall

Netflix (unwatched):
Unforgiven, Muppet Movie, The Band's Visit

Books (unread): 
Russell Brand My Booky Wook
Andrew Mueller I Wouldn't Start From Here
CLRS Intro to Algorithms 3rd Edition  (the Bible anew!)
Rutu Mondan Exit Wounds

Nuts  to this, no time.  the New Yorker sits perched on its countertop pedestal cackling. Resident Advisor podcasts accumulate unheard. Scribblenauts and Puzzle Quest vie for what little time remains.

web surfing, someday maybe we will be best of friends again.  i am favoriting Metafilter  comments/threads not because I approve of them but just cos I want to go back and read them later.  too busy, too busy.

ah, facebook

as worldly pleasures wave goodbye