July 23rd, 2009


In a last gasp of energy

I been throwing myself into the SF Bike route planner... optimized it for iPhone/Android, fixed some thorny elevation bugs, created a newsgroup, tried to get newer data sets from the city but was rebuffed-- converted the front end to jQuery/GMap API and added support for geolocation. Firefox 3.5 and iPhone 3.0 only at the moment, but if you have one of thems and you live near SF, give it a spin... it lets you link to directions now & no longer considers the highway 'bike safe'. Pretty quick work if I do say so myself.

No more of that though. Time gentlemen. I am at present working on a pregnancy mixtape. Liska has very exacting criteria that I am struggling to understand. Gorillaz is pop music, surely that would've passed muster! But no. Not quite easy listening, but definitely nothing aggro... what will emerge from this filter? SO far we got Air, LTJ Bukem, Nightmares on Wax.... the night is young, and we are not

She is WAY preggo. Ridonkulous. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=7825537&id=846640076
Time gentlemen. A new day dawning.