June 24th, 2009


Some things that happened

SBQR w/ Angi, Alice, Arnab & Alicia
Arnie & Alicia are expecting a Hinjew baby too!
Hinjews will crush you

Nick & KT stayed over, made dinner: paella & rhubarb pie
KT is taking "Intermediate Thai Cooking." Intermediate is like Guppy or Webelo

Friday night service at Temple Emmanuel (Reform)
Young crowd, very different vibe from Beth Shalom (Conservative)
Afterwards got pho w/ Fraidy/Tawny, but did not take the 'Pho Challenge' (2.5 lbs noodles, 2 lbs beef)

Philosopher-king Sarah Paul bid us all farewell
She's moving to Maine (!) to be a professor

Art/fashion street fair near Thee Parkside
Bought a monster sockpuppet with glistening white teeth
Ran into buncha folks, ended up going for pizza with Dav, Mia, Tesla
Tried talking to Tesla's Hello Kitty sockpuppet with my own, but she ran away in horror

Nick & KT came over with Megan & Ryan, visiting from Portland
Liska made channa masala w/ rice, salad, naan for dinner

Watched skate videos in slow motion while listening to sensitive singer/songwriters on Nick's ipod

Bid farewell to Lizzie -headed to DC to be a science writer
She's gonna cover 'the hill'

Big day looming
Office transforming
Middle name pending