June 9th, 2009


Andre Lodemann - Where Are You Now?

This track is from the latest Resident Advisor podcast - RA.157 Tony Lionni. Nice tune. I especially like the part around 5 where the synths start coming in, and then at 5:45 they become this old school ravey melody... such a nice warm sound. Makes me nostalgic somehow.

Ah, Berlin

The one great regret of my youth is that I didn't get to party in Berlin

It's alright, you should always leave the table a little bit hungry.

Spellbook, pt. 1

Shoe Vision

Temporarily gain a highly developed aesthetic sense with regards to shoes (i.e. see the world through the eyes of a sneaker fiend or Samantha from Sex in the City.)  Instinctively reject anything ugly, unfashionable and/or uncomfortable when shoe shopping.  Tell at a glance if your running shoes are too worn down and need to be replaced.

To cast: burn a pair of shoelaces at both ends

Transmute Food to Food

Level 1: Convert a foodstuff into some other foodstuff. Only works for a 'single serving' of the item in question.

To cast:
swallow a handful of poprocks

Level 2: As level 1, except the converted item is unchanged in appearance and retains its original nutritive value (e.g. spinach -> chocolate cake tastes like cake but looks like spinach and has same calories/fat/vitamins as spinach)

To cast: swallow five handfuls of poprocks