January 15th, 2009


Year in Review, Pt. 6: Everything Else

Things learned

  • How to light a kerosene lantern
    Mantle is radioactive!
  • Permanent press LESS delicate than regular
  • How a doorbell works

Major events

  • PRK - gave me 20/15 vision
  • Weddings: Ajeet/Sarah, Elio/Anne, Maya/Rob, Noah/Lexi
  • Travel - Costa Rica, Japan
  • Burning Man
  • Fell out w/ Toma
  • Jenny renounced science & became a garment worker (seriously)
  • Shawn moved to VA
  • Brad moved to Chicago by way of South Pole
  • Launched ytmobile v2
  • Biked 47 miles
  • Austin for AJ bach party
  • Commissioned portrait of Pogo for Amma!
  • Noah went on Jeopardy
  • OBAMA!!
  • Collapse of housing market, recession/depression looms
  • Elephant in the room
costa rica 08 079 IMG_5389 IMG_5425
IMG_6167 IMG_6207
1221350251740 1221440467137 may-june 08 017


  • DFW suicide
  • Giuliani & Palin mocking community organizers at Republican Convention - so low


  1. Furnish the house, feather the nest
  2. The media room looks alright, fireplace room finally has a rug, nothing on the walls yet, I want quaker pegs, there's a whole list. Pattern Language shit.

  3. workinprogress1Evil Shrine
    Jason relationship-counseled me into understanding why I should take down the handmade evil shrine I'd hung up over our Ketubah in the bedroom. I still think it looked cool though.

  4. "Future you" surveys
    These were questionnaires I gave out two years ago at Burning Man. I left them scattered around in self-addressed stamped envelopes, addressed to me. The idea was, you'd fill out the survey and drop it in the mail, along with an address where you could be reached in two years. In two years, I'd send it back to you. So it would be like getting a letter from the you of your past.

    The two year mark was this October, so I mailed out the 30 or so responses I'd received. For some reason, almost nobody understood the part of the survey that was meant to be left blank, and answered in the future. They all just filled it in. No doubt poor information design on my part played a role in this... but come on people, what part of Questions to be answered upon receipt in 2008 did you not understand?

    fig a: the part they didn't understand
  5. San Francisco bicycle route planner
    Finally released it as open source, but suffering from lack of GIS tools. The company that makes ArcGIS offers free licenses in some cases, but their grant application is 29 pages long. I really need an intern.
  6. Mixes
  7. Hair (national disaster)

Persons of the Year

Angi for becoming a major cooking mama

Dav for demonstrating that fatherhood doesn't mean you have to become boring (and for having a spare gopher suit in his closet)