January 11th, 2009


2008 Year in Review, Pt. 1: Food

Best Food 2008
(not in any particular order)

1. Farley's coffee
2. Fried chicken & onion rings (Shawn/Kim/Angi/Nathan)
3. Homemade noodles (Angi/Nathan)
4. Homemade wontons (Jason & co.) Wonton wrapping is a black art
5. Mussels Liska got me to try these. I'm onboard. The concept is still pretty gross though.
6. Various meals at Burning Man Best food year ever! Toma's steak dinner, Katie's grits, those eggs... OMG those eggs were the single best thing I ate in 2008. Wish I could remember exactly what was in them.
7. Rotisserie Limon wings
8. Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches Lizzie turned us onto these. Vanilla is best
9. Pink Lady apples These have overtaken Gala apples in my apple ranking. (Pink Lady > Gala > Granny Smith > Red Delicious) I think I read somewhere that the number of apple varieties is decreasing drastically in the modern age due to homogenization of crops in service of mass market produce. Enjoy your apples while you can
10. The "M.I.L.F" @ Ike's Shredded chicken, shredded lettuce, hot sauce, ranch dressing and fried jalapeno poppers, in a partially baked French roll that they finish baking right before serving it to you. It made me violently ill, but I still gave it two weak thumbs up from where I lay.
11. Amma's dosas my definition of comfort food. Requires 'wrist action'
12. Anna's ma po tofu tofu ground beef oyster sauce whatever else, issa good
13. Sushi breakfast @ Tokyo fish market Best sushi I've ever had. The toro (fatty tuna) was insane.
14. Ramen @ various Tokyo shops Often the shops had machines where you push the picture of what you want, then you get a coin that you give to the attendant. Way to overcome the language barrier! The ramen in Tokyo has little resemblance to college style Top Ramen. It is sickeningly rich and quite amazing. The best was the one with huge pat of butter on top. Curry style is also popular (with CHEESE... that seemed kind of weird to me)
15. Universal Cafe soft eggs Best brunch in city. They cook their eggs just right.

Worst Food 2008

Various YouTube cafeteria items
Me and Charles would leave helpful comment cards until finally the chef came to Charlie's cube, sat down in a chair facing Charlie and said, "So. You don't like the food." Haha so awkward!