December 23rd, 2008



Tape delayed headsets, couples therapy

200 black poodles surrounding a porcelain baby

Two walls of people shouting at each other, NYC and LA storefront windows suddenly made into cross-country portals
Conjoined mirror goggles that put your eyes in the other person's face (and vice versa)
Quadrangled dirt mirror
A very tall crooked shrinking ladder ascending nowhere   

Las Vegas Strip shot with tilt-shift photography-- makes everything look like a model train set. eerie, periodic rumbling explosions in the background


A guy in Mexico City walks into a gun store, buys a gun.

He loads the gun, cocks it and walks out of the shop with gun in hand. He walks through the city aimlessly,  not flashing the gun but not hiding it either.  His friend trails behind him with a camcorder.
After 12 minutes, he's tackled and disarmed by some cops.  They take him to jail.

Later, he convinces the police to participate in a video reenactment of the original sequence of events!

Fashionable young Europeans, Japanese
Their shoes