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Excerpt from The World Is What It Is: The Authorized Biography of V. S. Naipaul [18 Dec 2008|06:24pm]
(emphasis added)
Ten days younger than Vidia, [Lady] Antonia [Fraser] came from from a large and loquacious family, her father being an Oxford don turned Labour minister and her mother a political activist. Many family members wrote books, although her brother Thomas Pakenham made the point, "'We are not writers at all. We are talkers disguised as writers.'" Fragrant and resolute, Antonia led a vigorous life after leaving Oxford, worked in publishing, engaged in humanitarian activism, wrote a history of toys and produced six children.
If I'm ever featured in someone's biography, and the author has to pick two words to describe me... I hope "fragrant" isn't one of them.
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