December 16th, 2008


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I think the "steepest climb" info is way off though.  I put in 550 California to 1000 Van Ness and it shows the climb from Kearny to Stockton on California as a max of .05%.  I wish!  The bike map shows it as 10-18%.  It also shows the max climb as negative between Stockton and Van Ness on Sutter.  It is definitely a positive climb.
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When I put in two points, it told me to get on 280. That can't be right. Bicycles are not allowed on the highway, nor would I want to ride there.
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I already tried out all three options for my daily commute, from Beulah/Stanyan to Montgomery/Chestnut.  I was surprised, though, that the bike-friendly route is almost entirely on busy city streets.  My route is
Waller St entrance to Golden Gate Park bike/ped path (crossing Kezar at the light), cross JFK to one-way road (don't know the name) to Arguello, Arguello St bike lane to and through the Presidio to Halleck St, Crissy Field/Marina ped/bike path to Fort Mason ped/bike path to Beach St, then Columbus St, North Point, Chestnut St.  Although entirely paved, about half the ride is off the road and the streets I am on either have a bike lane or are sparsely driven.  Check it out, it works for me.
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I've attached two screen shots showing the routes for "balanced" and bike-friendly" trips from my home to my office. Neither set of directions makes any sense from a cyclist's point of view. For the record, here's the easiest, quickest, safest route from 1753 Hayes Street to 110 Gough Street:
east on Hayes to Scott
south on Scott to Page
east on Page to Gough
That's it!
I especially like that the bike-friendly trip that has me take Masonic Avenue to Page Street, then back all the way to Fulton from Page by way of Baker Street. That's just nuts.
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At the moment, I think some of the routes could use work, specifically when coming from the Richmond district.  I noticed that no matter where I was headed, the route planner always sent me to Cabrillo or through the park to many "unnamed bike paths".  Perhaps you could add the name of those bike paths; I am fairly certain there are signs for them, though they are not always easy to see. Going from the Richmond to the Haight required far too many turns through the Western Addition that are completely unnecessary when one can just go from JFK to Stanyan through Panhandle Park.

You might also want to include Lake Street in your planner.  It is a very safe street with a great bike path.  In planning a trip from the Richmond to Laurel Heights, your route had me go down a huge hill to Cabrillo, and then back up a hill at Arguello when I could have just hopped over a few easy blocks to Lake Street and then taken that street for most of the way. 
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Cool tool, but I think that I've found a glitch: 1) enter starting point of 178 27th Avenue 2) enter ending point of 1651 Union Street 3) leave the default of 1% max grade clicking on the balanced route results in a reasonable route, if not necessarily the exact route that I'd choose (that's OK...) choosing the most bike friendly route creates a route that's more than a bit zany (going all the way to civic center just to enjoy Polk? again, not my choice but I suppose that it meets the criteria pretty well.) The glitchy route is the shortest route option, which includes "riding" down the Lyon street stairs -- not a road by most standards, and probably steeper than 1% if you exclude the landings!! I'd think that you'd want to code the section of Lyon b/n Broadway and Green as "non-road"!!
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FYI: in order to go from my house near the dmv on Fell to work at 755 Ocean, by balanced route, it had me take I-280 from Glen Park to Ocean Ave.! Not a good idea. . .