December 12th, 2008


Project status update for projects that exist only in my head

1. Mix of Resident Advisor mixes

- this is proving to be quite tedious. my first approach was gonna be, load each mix into audacity, crop to just to part I want to include in the mix mix, then once I have all the cropped bits mix them using Traktor. But it's really slow loading a mix into Audacity, and the interface is the kind of crappy half-baked shit you get when open source programmers make a UI. So then I figured I'd do it in Mixmeister on my PC at home, but that thing's coughing and wheezing and finna die any second.
- delayed

2. old school neighborhood map

- turns out I don't actually enjoy drawing. So then I was thinking maybe use google maps/annotations? but that defeats the whole intent of it, aesthetically. plus when I started detailing items it went from a psychological map to more of a 'tourist guide,' which is not right at all.
- possibly canceled but figure out some other way to talk about that richard serra sculptures at UCSF