November 14th, 2008



Do you ever have a dream that's so fun that you wake up feeling really happy? This doesn't happen to me very often but lately I've been having some. It's weird. In one I went to this incredible party and ran into all these long lost friends. In another, it was a kind of imaginary nostalgia-- I dreamt that when I first moved to San Francisco, I'd lived in this pleasant, wooded neighborhood that was completely central yet somehow unknown-- throughout the dream its name was on the tip of my tongue, Pacific Grove? And in the dream years had passed and I was towing my friend down San Francisco streets that had frozen solid-- I guess this was in winter-- and we were headed back to my old (imaginary) hood, and all along the road all these Burning Man esque installations were blazing through the pitch black night.

Sorry, I know something is lost in telling you this. My general policy towards people telling me their dreams is: unless I was in the dream, or we're sleeping together, I don't want to hear it. The whole import of dreams comes from the emotional significance of symbols that can't be replicated by description. They have impact in your head because they're tied to all these indescribable moods/feelings/memories internal to you-- not because what actually happened in the dream is interesting.

All I'm saying is, if I had dreams like these more often, I wouldn't mind going to bed.