October 25th, 2008


I ♥ Pot Hill

Today was a pretty awesome neighborhoody day.
Perfect weather
Farley's Halloween pet parade (truly decadent, a sign of decline of Western Civ? so funny to see dogs in costumes though)
On the way to brunch, garage sale - bought a rug
Ran into Mike S. on his motorcycle
Biked to Universal for best brunch in SF
Ran into Raja back at Farley's
Pot Hill history fair at 18th & De Haro (home made sausages, Piroshki)
Open mic comedy night at Farley's
Ran into Emily coming out from Lingba Lounge

It's always been really important to me to live somewhere where you can run into friends.

In the suburbs running into somebody means you hit them with your car!
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