September 7th, 2008


Topiary gardeners, sand castle builders, park rangers who rap

Fuckin' sunny days.
Impossible to be inside.
All my creative projects require a computer.
Writing, music, messing with photos.
I wish I could be creative in the sun

Igloo carvers, tree house builders, pretentious surfers

"Why don't you take a notebook and write in the park?"
That's what Liska says.
Yeah, and why don't I churn some butter while I'm at it?
Or get out the ol' plow and plow the field.
Forsooth, doth thou have any papyrus?

fig a: this is what my handwriting looks like. and it takes an hour to write this much.

Andy Goldsworthy, sidewalk painters, sidewalk buskers

Sunday sun is streaming through the window, aggressively

Guess I'll go for a run.
Not much of an art project, that
What if I first paint myself blue
Not much of an art project, that

Got to get out of the house