August 31st, 2008


Hey natty dreadlocks, where you come from, you must have two stick of sensi under your tongue

Me say no officer, lord you must be mad
Me only smoke cigarettes and strictly shag
oh woeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

decompression is a cliche but there is this feeling of sadness when immediately back. just a farewell to the other world, where everyone is playful and you can wear anything at anytime and every encounter on the street has the potential for comedy and performance art. all that craziness and such a rush of friendships made in such a brief span, and then plunk. back to paying bills and driving places and SF chill. but, this is home. that's a vacation. i like reality well enough most days.

our camp was filled with people from portland. their enthusiasm for their city was contagious. we're gonna visit soon.