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killing a minute or three [23 Aug 2008|02:08pm]
watched High Plains Drifter last night... rental inspired by the beastie boys song. man that was an odd movie. i was half-asleep when watching so it has the semblance of a dream. clint eastwood is more badass here than anywhere else i've seen. a lot of times i don't get the appeal of older movie stars (jack nicholson is another example) till i see their early work. jack nicholson was a sexy beast back in the day. so depressing to look at him now. tis not the fate of all men , least i hope.

was there a midget in high plains drifter? almost certain there was. what was that about? was he a good guy or a bad guy? PERHAPS THAT IS THE QUESTION. i need to watch it again.

ok i have to go fail at things. 1. soldering 2. sewing
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