August 21st, 2008


Fake fur is fake murder

Went shopping today for Burning Man. The used clothing stores were all hawking Burning Man gear. Mostly fur vests, fur boots. It's funny what a cliche that's become. I should stage a fake-fur protest.


Haha, I'm gonna put that on a t-shirt. What else... maybe pin a stuffed animal to a sign and write, "HOW MANY FAKE ANIMALS HAD TO DIE TO MAKE YOUR BOOTS?"

Hmm, what if somebody actually wants to debate the issue? I guess I can write on the other side of the sign: "NO FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS PLEASE"

Why do I always get the urge to protest while at BM? Maybe it stems from those people who protest the actual burning of the man. They always crack me up. One year they had pamphlets.

Carrying a protest sign around is a lot of work though. I learned this from the one anti-WTO protest I attended back in the idealistic days of my youth. At least I think it WTO. Maybe it was NAFTA, or GATT? Something in the spirit of the times. Anyway, I remember it was a windy day, and they gave me a big sign to carry. I had to march around for hours struggling to keep the damn thing aloft. By the end I was exhausted! Subsequently I gave up on all causes, save for the Washington Wizards.