July 23rd, 2008


I made a hip-hop muxtape and you should listen to it


What connects these tunes is that they appear to come from actual human beings, rather than cartoons.
1. Snoop Dog fet. Stevie Wonder - Conversations
Middle aged rappers, they got some legs. Snoop's avuncular collab with Stevie is suitable for small children and the elderly. You could play it in church or at the BBQ afterward.

2. Organized Konfusion - Black Sunday
Pharoah Monch, dude BOOMS when he raps. I feel these dudes' pain, even though I had never had to "ride the elevator with the crazy lady." Speaking of elevators...

3. Outkast - Elevators (Me & You)
Not exactly an obscurity, but this one never gets old. I never quite understood the chorus, but my interpretation is "elevate" in the sense of "moving on up," out of poverty or indignity or whatever may ail.

4. Del tha Funkee Homosapien - Sleeping On My Couch
This song cracks me up. Maybe it was just my upbringing perhaps / But I was taught that I shouldn't take seven day naps / At other brothas' cribs, like I don't have a home / Brothas on my couch so much, there's like foam / Coming out the seams...

5. Aceyalone - When The Sun Took A Day Off And The Moon Stood Still
Aceyalone is a "griot," meaning a first-class bullshitter. Is there any other rapper who spins yarns of this sort? The la-la-la's in the background are perfect.

6. Son Of Bazerk And The No Self Control Band - The Band Get Swivy On The Wheels
These guys were a weird modern-day hip hop take on James Brown, kind of like if he'd actually become a rapper rather than just getting sampled to death. Produced by the Bomb Squad, of Public Enemy fame, thus incredibly funky / noisy.

7. Company Flow - Last Good Sleep
I've always wanted to put this on a mixtape, but the subject matter (domestic violence) is way too dark. Really worth hearing though. El-P's recollection of abuse is vivid and chilling. That night I counted cloned sleep / And dreamt about nothing for the last time ever / "You'll never see him again" / But I see him every night / Cover my ears in tears as he beats his fucking wife

8. Cannibal Ox - Painkillers
Fitting way to end this, cos it's also produced by El-P but not quite so dark, and probably the whole world can relate.

jcruelty.muxtape.com (listen already)

Tokyo III

Got up at 4:30 AM, went to the fish market

AKA the world's largest collection of styrofoam boxes

had literally the best sushi of my life right near the market. it made yesterday's sushi seem like chicken of the sea

Google has a ramen club. They've gone to like 48 places since it started. lucky for me there was a ramen club outing today. a lot of the shops have a machine you put money into, it gives you a token and you give it to the counter person and then get your food/beer. ramen is not exactly healthy food. yesterday's had a huge pat of butter in it! straight up butter!


this guy at the office has all these interesting japanese bands on his itunes but i had trouble listening to them cos of japanese DRM or some such. i can't even remember their names, all strange japanese english. like "FRIED PLAID" or "DEATH JAZZ." haha i finally listened to death jazz and it sounded like bossanova... not at all what i thought

went for a run just now, it's too fuckin fried plaid hot... humid... like houston.
why... am i using all these... ellipses

worked a lot today, 8am to 9pm ... but it was worth it for the ramen ... damn i been up since 4:30, i go now