July 3rd, 2008


A useless thing I would like to do

Draw a map of my neighborhood on a big sheet of butcher paper, in the style of a pirate treasure map, or one of those old-world maps with anthropomorphized clouds puffing wind and dangerous regions marked "HERE BE DRAGONS."

Areas of interest:
  • the "power spots" -- I don't know what to call them exactly. I live in a hilly area, and there are certain street corners that are higher up then anything around them. Local maxima. I like to climb up to these spots and then stand directly in the center of the intersection, disregarding traffic. In my imagination these "king of the hill" spots have a certain shamanic power. Like if you were summoning rain, this is where you'd stand.

  • gorgeous tucked-away park at 22nd and Carolina -- there's a great running path around this patch of wilderness, although if you follow it all the way it leads you directly into the projects. HERE BE DRAGONS

  • secret path down from De Haro street -- pass through people's yards, overgrown wild weeds

  • graffiti art corridors near the art school

  • stairs that go nowhere on 16th

  • San Francisco's only round-a-bout

  • Hell's Angels hideout
Addendum: it would be fun to lead a bicycle tour of the neighborhood using this map as a guide. I would make up all historical facts and include things that happened only in my head.