May 31st, 2008


tentacles are a good thing to have around the office.

tentacles, originally uploaded by jcruelty.

how do you hold your drink though?


i am obsessing about logging/reporting
need to get my brain off work mode
sometimes i get stuck in it these days
not necessarily in a bad way though. just learning a ton of stuff. feels like i'm in college again.

i majored in computer science cos it was the only class where i enjoyed doing the homework. the programming assignments were like little logic puzzles to solve. Plus, I was seduced by the beauty of the intro to algorithms textbook, CLR. It was a thick white tome, filled with austere mathematical text, with an Alexander Calder sculpture on the cover. Really elegant and minimal. I still think it's one of the most elegant and beautiful textbooks ever, both in terms of the design and the stuff inside.

ok enough for tonight. i guess i'll read more of "born survivor".
you have to make snares to catch rabbits.