May 28th, 2008


Allow me to nerd out for a bit

I posted that Angola-by-motorcycle travelogue to MetaFilter. So far the post has been favorited by 57 people, making it this week's most popular entry. Of the 38 comments received, almost all were overwhelming positive. I guess I'm not the only one fascinated by "metaljockey" and his journey through the vast emptiness of Angola.

It's embarrassing to admit how pleasurable it is to have my post be so well received. I feel the urge to brag, but can't think of anybody who would actually be impressed by a highly favorited MetaFilter post. I can barely think of anyone who would even understand what I'm talking about.

I guess what it comes down is, pleasure of an audience. The reason I keep a public LiveJournal is because I want people to read it. I want yall to leave comments and I like for us to have conversations and I'm psyched by the occasional "hi-five" or "word up." Posting to MetaFilter amplifies the audience x1000, albeit at the expense of making them all strangers.

I'm on MetaFilter as jcruelty, so add me if you like. (I don't recommend MeFi if you're not on there already, any more than I would advocate tequila to someone who's never had a drop.)