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silverback gorilla's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
silverback gorilla

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Nuts to Traktor [06 Mar 2008|02:09am]
"Real time" mixing is for the birds
I'm no DJ athlete
Andrew recommended Audacity, so I'll try that instead
Cosmo says you need a real board with knobs & such to use Traktor properly
I'm no knob-twiddler

Update 12:30AM
Nuts to Audacity
Interface is horrible
Feels like I'm trying to pick up peas with mittens
Maybe "MixMeister Studio"

Update 1:23AM
More like MixMeister Suckio
F*** this, I'm just zippin the tracks
Please mix them in your head
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How low can you go [06 Mar 2008|02:54am]

How low can you go

2.Ed RushGuncheck
3.Big Boi fet. Bun B808
4.Lil WayneAsk Dem Hoes
5.SquarepusherVic Acid
6.SystemRed Click
8.Thomas SchumacherMetro (B)

For best results, play on a decent system
Otherwise it will be like listening to a dog whistle
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