March 5th, 2008


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Today in the cafeteria, Sarah asked me where in Costa Rica I'm going. I said "I don't know... it starts with a Q"

Some friends are renting a house and they had someone back out, so me & Liska stepped in. We're pinch-hitters. Bench-warmers. On the "B-list"

B-listers don't plan, they show up

Doing a DB push. You know how right now YouTube says "We are currently performing site maintenance. Be cool - we'll be back 100% in a bit." ?

ALL ME BABY! Well me and a crack team of other people who know what they're doing

But that message on all me baby

Uncomfortable office situations

  1. Riding the elevator. It feels so awkward to be standing facing forward in a confined space. I always prefer to say nothing, but then I feel like I'm being cold & unfriendly. & I think "wish I were one of those hale and hearty people that always has a good word" but then I think "who wants to be trapped in an elevator with one of those people?"

  2. Going to the bathroom. I have a hard time pissing when anyone else is next to me-- I get performance anxiety. Also can't stand sound of other people shitting. I actually plug my ears when in the can. When I told Jason & Liska this, they found the mental image hilarious. But come on, nobody else gets icked out ? Let alone when people TALK to each other in there.

Fig. A: they laugh at me, and yet Liska dresses as the shower costume from Karate Kid and Jason appears to be auditioning to host a game show on public access TV!

I get pleasure from the bass

Been trying to teach myself Traktor. Beat matching is hard. I know you're supposed to learn by juggling two copies of one record, but that sounds so boring.

I had this idea for a mix, "songs that only make sense on a system with good bass." It seems like bass is fundamental to a lot of types of music, but some more than others. Like classic rock doesn't need it, but hip hop/electronic does. I wonder if the deep sub-woofer tones you hear in certain modern songs are deeper than anything that came before.

It's probably just 21st century arrogance on my part even thinking so. I mean, gongs are super deep, and they're ancient.

In high school I was friends with this guy Greg. He was very into his car's sound system. He had military-grade subwoofers. You know how sometimes a car will roll by and the bass will be so ridiculously loud that windows start to rattle and you can feel your clothes vibrating? Greg's car was like that.

I remember one time he was playing something-- very heavy, BOOM BOOM BOOM, and I asked him what it was. He replied, "Bass." Well yes there is certainly bass in this music, but who's the group? "It's just bass, man." He handed me the CD. It was a compilation, "Best of Bass Vol. 4." All the artists had names like "Bass2Dark" and "Basstronic" and "Bass Crew". Haha