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silverback gorilla's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
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My year of movies continued: Chopper, River's Edge, This Is England [04 Mar 2008|01:26pm]
Loosely based on the life of Australia's "most notorious convinct"
Memorable scene: Chopper effects a vacation from prison by having his ears sliced off with a razor.
Parodied effectively by: Ronnie James. "Harden the fuck up Australia!"
Overall grade: B

River's Edge
Supposedly based on a true story - friends are shockingly nonchalant when one of them kills another. Notably unhinged performances from Dennis Hopper as a creepy shut-in with an inflatable girlfriend, and a young, jittery Crispin Glover as the murderer's friend. Keanu Reaves is in there too.
Memorable scene: any scene with Glover/Hopper, so basically the entire weird-ass movie. See Glover's appearance on Letterman (which got him banned for life) for a taste of the vibe he brings to his role.
Overall grade: B+

This Is England
Semi-autobiographical tale of a fatherless 11 year old boy falling in with English skinheads, during the Thatcher 80's.
Memorable scene: nothing really. At one point the boy takes up with a girlfriend twice his age and she asks if he wants to "suck her tits," causing confusion all around.
Overall grade: C
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