February 26th, 2008


Scrabble strategy question

What's the best play?

I couldn't see anything that scores more than 25, so I decided to make the highest scoring possible using NORY and leave ING in hopes of a bingo next round. Except I couldn't find anything good using all 4 letters, so I settled for FLOURY/YON, which scores 19 and leaves RING.

Intuitively I feel like it's more likely to bingo with RING + 3 letters than with NING + 3 letters. No idea how one would actually calculate the odds. I guess you could brute force it-- generate all obtainable 3 letter combinations, and for each use an anagram generator to find all possible bingos. Expected value = (probability of drawing those 3 letters) * (number of bingos). Do this for both RING and NING and see which has higher total expected value.


The Thing #3, by Kota Ezawa

Nick & Catherine gave us a subscription to The Thing Quarterly as a wedding present. Issue #3 arrived today. It's a baseball cap with Arabic writing on it. At least I think it's Arabic. Does anybody know what it says? I'm not going to wear it till I find out, just in case it says "STUPID AMERICAN." Or worse yet, "CHUNKY STYLE."