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Recipe for a nice bath [15 Feb 2008|12:07am]
Scrub tub
Boil a kettle of water & have it nearby (not yet used)
Disposible yet high quality reading that you can get wet (New Yorker)
Maybe some kind of bath salts? They smell up the tub
Good lighting - maybe candles? But not smelly
Good music - Katzenjammer Kollective or Amon Tobin (that one song)
Soap up in tub & shower afterwards?
Rubber ducky?
Glass of red wine or else hot mint tea

Born Rich - these kids are all so good looking, it's crazy

I'm a big fan of hot water
Womb like
Hot tubs
Hot showers
Pacific Ocean in Hawaii - where the water was so warm I almost fell asleep (while snorkling)

A different kind of hot water
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