January 28th, 2008


Olafur Eliasson, Gui Boratto

Take Your Time - Olafur Eliasson @ SFMOMA

Get yourself to this show, it is a treat to behold! Think Andy Goldsworthy with degrees in engineering and maths. It's not there for much longer and if you miss it you'll regret it.

Gui Boratto @ Fat City : went out dancing on a rainy night. Sound was shit, but no faulting the musical selections. It was good and sweaty on the dance floor, numerous parking violations notwithstanding. We arrived w/ Liska Mike Dave Raja, and ran into Andrew/Carole, Anna Mae, and Andy. Clearly this was the place to be! We all enjoyed the techno till they kicked us out at 2AM. I felt indignant & joined in the chorus of BOOs. (Not that I'm actually up for it at 6AM anymore... it's just the principle of the thing.)

Get Rich Or Die Tryin - not good, but not as bad as critics said. Fiddy's smile is irrepressible. Worth seeing if you're a fan of hip hop (i.e. a citizen of planet earth)

Eastern Promises - not bad, but not as good as critics said. Viggo Mortenson is sexy and the fight scene in the sauna is pretty good. More movies about vory y zakone please

The Host - A++ Korean monster flick, scary and funny and sad all at the same time. Anthony Lane did a good write-up. As Shawn puts it, "Monster movies are never about the monster."

DJ Hell & Ellen Allien - Live @ Timewarp, Germany 03.31.07 : been listening to this a lot, great techno mix. I like when you can hear the crowd going nuts.