October 27th, 2007


Panhandle Bandshell R.I.P.

, originally uploaded by hotdiggitydogs.

The first time I came across the Panhandle Bandshell was many months ago, while out for a run. It was a startling sight.. From a distance it looked like the shell of a multi-colored beetle.

Despite the risks involved in approaching a gigantic multi-colored beetle, I had to go in for a closer look.

The structure was an elevated, covered stage, made entirely from recycled parts! The outer roof was made of car body parts. Inside it was lined with circuit boards. The back stage wall consisted of hundreds of empty water bottles, stacked together tightly. It was a work of remarkable craftsmanship.

I wanted to take a picture, but didn't have my camera. Then life got real busy, months passed, and when I finally went back today, the bandshell was gone. Like David Best's Octavia Temple, the Panhandle Bandshell was a temporary installation sponsored by the Black Rock Arts Foundation. Block Rock Arts projects in SF tend to be not permanent, due to zoning issues, liability, cranky neighbors, etc.

Good thing every other person in the universe had it covered.