October 1st, 2007


World week in review*

I trust you all agree that visualizations of geometry on the complex plane are AWESOME
If not why not

Dear diary, here is what I did this weekend. I am typing this with cheetosey fingers so forgive any brevity on my part.

1. Got on my bicycle & biked to SFMOMA Passed LoveFest & kept on cruising. The sound of every float bleeds together; not appeals.

At SFMOMA I saw 3 awesome things

1a) a rotary fan in a metal cage (like the kind of fan you'd buy for $50 bucks at target, that stands on a post and rotates & has 3 settings-- except without the post part,) SUSPENDED from the ceiling by a long strong cord that swung in a conical shape, perilously close to the heads of people entering the museum. it was like an amusement park ride! i stood in its path and felt the hairs on my scalp tingle as the fan swept towards me, seemingly inches from impact.

1b) indigo blue -- 18,000 literally blue collar workman's shirts stacked into a pile.

1c) a hydrogen powered BMW race car, stripped of its casing & replaced with a beetle-like carapace, frozen solid. you had to put on a blanket and walk into a sub-zero freezer to see it. icicles were crusted on its shell but you could peek through to see the steering wheel & the inside of the car.

I find solace in the inexplicability of objects contained within SFMOMA , particularly when they obviously took much effort to produce. Art is invigorating (though more so when on the sidewalk or in my house)

2. Met up with Scanlon & his friends for a beer in the park A marching band with tuba played continuously the entire time we were there. I tried to explain the frozen BMW (a lot of hand-waving ensued)

3. Biked home and took a nap! It is nearly impossible for me to nap under normal circumstances, as I don't enjoy going to sleep. But biking to the museum in the morning + a beer in the sun of afternoon is a good cure for insomnia.

4. Went to Yerba Buena for Cut n Paste Design DJ Battle. or digital design tournament, or whatever. The crowd was fashionable, young, attractive, impoverished, in other words art students & their friends. All of us stood in the main room watching people cut and paste stuff using photoshop, in 15 minutes 'battles' focused on themes like Overtime and Schizophrenia. We spent Friday night standing in a room watching people use computers!!! I am out of touch with the kids perhaps because I started to think maybe this wasn't the coolest activity to be doing... but everybody around me was pretty cool looking and seemed to be into it.
Met up w/ Carole & her friend & Nick & Cathryn & Ben and we walked over to

5. Some bar, and then to

6. Some Love-fest afterparty put on by the Kontrol dudes The music was ok. I hadn't been out in forever & it was fun to dance a bunch. We stayed till 2 or 3 and then to

7. Sparkys for a half-assed cold BLT and some excellent onion rings and a vanilla shake. and then to bed and then to

8. Jasons for some challah french bread with nectarines, and onwards for 2 hours of

9. Househunting (all open houses happen on Sundays from 2-4, we went with Mollie who is a 'power broker' and knows every person in town, seemingly) where we looked at a bunch of depressingly expensive places that all seemed ok but none of which seemed quite good enough though i couldn't articulate why, and then

10. Grocery shopping where we bought fixings for fried chicken and some riesling and buffalo jerky and a cheesecake and one apple, pear and grapefruit [which potentiates cholesterol meds but i stopped taking em so no worries] and then

11. Sunday dinner of fried chicken cooked by my wife in a classic domestic tableau, and then watched

12. Devil's Playground which is an excellent documentary about Amish youth aged 16-21, in the period of their lives known as "rumspringa", when they're allowed to go party and dress "english" and wild out and have sex and do drugs and generally decided whether or not the amish life's for them. The main kid in the movie is a charismatic boy, Faron, who is both the son of a preacher man and a crystal meth addict. What is it about the son of a preacher man? in my experience all the stereotypes are true.

13. and then on Monday I came to work and started using the bold tag and now I will go swimming as soon as I finish this sentence.... period

* With a particular focus on the world of me, but I think there's some stuff about elections in Fuji in there too