September 17th, 2007


L'shanah tovah!

Back from NYC
2 days of morning services at shul
Got to get a transliterated prayer book so I can at least sing along
Synagogue words all mush together into my head
Endless variations on repetitive themes-- the Lord is great,
we all shine in his glory, etc. etc. It's poetry really.
As hellish as an hour of poetry would seem to be.

Noah's going on Jeopardy
I pop-quizzed him: he was able to name all U.S. presidents in order. (Including Millard Fillmore, the "forgotten President!") I gave him advice via the Jeopardy Book I read last week. Make a fake clicker
from a pen; wear the same clothes; learn to know you don't know.

finally read Flow (the index contained 'sex,' and as usual that's where i started the book... page 100)

Caught up with Rich & Lina in Williamsburg. I whinged and moaned till everyone agreed to eat at Dumont. Dumont cheeseburger with pickled onions, mac n cheese with brown crumbly crust and fancy gooey white cheese..... i can only evoke their names but not their flavors, it would require a new improved version of english with 80 words for 'pickle'

We took Lapa on her first trip to the beach. She seemed pretty happy though by the end she was very tired, less enthusastic about chasing the ball into the water.