August 4th, 2007


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montreal 07 169, originally uploaded by jcruelty.

sitting in a cafe where nearly everyone's on a computer. on walking in you see a row of solitary nerds, sitting one per table, staring into their MacBooks ( of course they're macbooks.) gleaming Apple logos everywhere. GAH. and i'm one of them! if you made a pie chart of my thoughts a good slice of it would be self loathing. (a slightly smaller slice would be "esteeming self as a self-despiser.")

these are pix from a flower show we saw in montreal. really it was more of a design exhibit. they invited a bunch of artists and designers to propose new ideas for garden space. wouldn't it be cool to have this chair on your patio?

the show took place on this narrow island (inlet? fjord?) with the city on one side and a huge abandoned grain silo on the other. the industrial backdrop contrasted nicely with all the flowers and greenery. in the river, dozens of spheres shifted slowly from side to side-- an arresting & oddly beautiful sight.

i forget why i started this entry. it wasn't to talk about the garden show. oh yeah i wanted to write about week 1 at work. but first i must pause to smoke a cigarette in the manner of a french intellectual.